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Yoga Breaks

Meeting planners can promote their ROI by providing 15 to 30 minute yoga breaks to Conference attendees. These classes are geared toward people without any yoga background. They are a great way to introduce the rejuvenating benefits of yoga into a daily schedule. It breaks through people's fears or intimidation they may have if they were to attend a regular yoga class. Here, they can have fun with their peers and have a healthy team building bonding experience.

Yoga postures promote balance, deep breathing invigorates or calms the mind and body, and the physical movement provides release from tensions and increases mobility. These breaks take place in the conference room, or another inside or outside location if desired. We also offer early morning hour long wake-up classes or later afternoon wind down and rejunvenation classes.

Combine the breaks with a spa experience for additional benefits. Delegates will feel energized to get the most out of the conference, training sessions or incentive program. Their bodies will feel enlivened and their minds invigorated. They will return to the office or meeting, renewed and refreshed.

For more information about yoga breaks, check out our article at www.meetingsfocus.com/OnlineExclusive.aspx

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