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Custom Programs
As long as you have a group of 10 or more, enjoy a program that is made to order. We will customize one of our existing retreat selections, or create one from the ground up. We can design an entirely new program for you.

Programs for Corporations, or Associations:
Multifaceted programs that are based upon culturally rich incentive programs, expressive and exploratory team building experiences, creative think tank board retreats, and intense training programs.

Programs for Special Gatherings:
Geared toward a group gathering together for any reason, whose participants want to have a unique retreat to nurture their souls and bond as a group, or have an entirely individual enriching experience.

An enriching experience for all:
The program may take place in a Mexican Hacienda, where a chef is brought in to engage all participants in a sensory culinary experience. Then a local artist arrives to encourage creative expression on a work which is inspired by the rich surroundings. Both individual and group projects are created. Then it is off to explore a pyramid, where some gentle yogic postures stretch out the body and silent meditation may take place to quiet the mind and gain insights. This is then followed by basking in a natural thermal bath and luxuriating in a massage.

These retreats range in time from 3 to 9 nights. Most are 5 nights, except where noted. The locations we are currently designing integrated yoga programs for are:

Australia 1 (9 nights)

Surf, scuba diving, rainforest and aborigine adventures

Austalia 2 (9 nights)

Wine and pub crawls, sailing scavenger hunts, ballooning and rock exploring

Canadian Rockies

Rock climbing, kayaking, outback exploring

Costa Rica (7 nights)

Eco tours

Indian Wells

Golf and tennis weekend


Goals, and a family oriented yoga program


Cooking in haciendas, shamanic meetings, pyramids and culture


Weavers, sculpture, pottery and spiritual adventures

Santa Barbara

Surfing and horseback riding

San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato (7 nights)

The arts and spirituality

Santa Fe

Art and Soul

San Francisco

Art and Cuisine weekend


Spa pamper weekend


Art and Soul


Culinary, wine and pamper weekend




Golf, Tennis

(7 nights)

Art, Termes, and Cuisine

Vancouver Island

City tours, whale watching, exploring and golf